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Greys Robles

Greys Robles

Phone: (818) 818-0686
Email: greys@cruisingyachts.net

Born in Mexico, Greys Robles has dedicated more than 20 years of her life to the entertainment industry; standing out as a music producer for television and live events, as well as marketing and booking for Artists and various brands. Her experience has led her to become an industry specialist. Always finding solutions to stabilize and fulfill the expectations on every project where she has collaborated. For her, to produce a television show or a live event; is to create a guided experience where you connect with your emotions and can transport yourself to another place. In love with her profession; the moment she set foot on a boat, she encountered that bond naturally and found that place where she knows everyone can create long lasting memories, and vibrate just like with music, but surrounded by the ocean and away from the daily routine. Her mission is to listen and connect each person with the boat of their dreams, finding that link and making the process pass with ease, making them live the same experience that she lives with Cruising Yachts.


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