The CYC Membership Program is an exclusive boating membership that gives you the regular use of high-end sailboats for about the cost of a slip.

Advantages of a Boat Sharing Program:

  • CYC boat sharing program allows you to share a boat, enjoy it, and then leave all the cleaning and maintenance to us.
  • You pay a fixed monthly fee, which provides you use of the boat.
  • The program is managed by a sophisticated on-line calendar management program so all members are assured access to the boat
  • Members can reserve the boat months in advance for special occasions; and can even use the boat on a spare of the moment whim if it is just sitting in its slip.

The reality is that boat ownership costs money; most boats are under utilized.  The Sharing program creates a win-win relationship for boat owners as well as the boat’s members.  It creates revenue for the owner as well as tax advantages.  For the member it creates an opportunity to have a wonderful boat to sail on a regular basis and a fraction of the cost of ownership; there is no hassle; no responsibility of maintenance or repair…. ONLY ENJOYMENT.

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