The following are recent letters and emails received from customers

The following are recent letters and emails received from customers

No Pressure

Ian, I must tell you that one of the most enjoyable aspects of this process thus far is dealing with you. You know 99% of all there is to know about the product, and if we run into something that's new you get the answer. Most importantly, you exert absolutely no pressure.
- John G. Irwin

If you're looking for a guide

If you're looking for a guide to give you honest well informed advice look no further than Keenan. He helped us throughout the entire process, answered all our questions, and when he didn't he found the answers very quickly. He helped arrange the survey/sea trial and escrow. He even helped us long after the closing with some last-minute documents we left at home. He is very friendly and straightforward. I highly recommend using his services. Happy Sailing!
- Lionel & Helen

Hula Kai Beneteau 411

Trent Carroll sold me my beloved yacht Hula Kai nearly 4 years ago. Since then, I have been active with friends purchasing their yachts in various parts of California and delivering them up and down the west coast.My experience with Trent Carroll was a completely different kind of transaction from anyone else I know. Trent was completely professional in the following ways that none of my friends and colleagues experienced from their yacht brokers. Trent followed through and kept his word about everything he said. He took care of details that I overlooked. My sea trial was a real sea trial, not a putt around the basin. We went to sea for the afternoon. He listened to my needs and met my expectations. During the escrow period I never saw Hula Kai dirty. Over the past few years I never passed up an opportunity to give Trent a hard time, but the truth of the matter is, I have the utmost respect and appreciation of his professionalism and I consider him a friend. If you are considering a yacht purchase and have the opportunity to work with Trent Carroll, rest assured, you will be working with the best.
- Dave Goldman

Our go-to boat broker

For some years, my husband and I have relied on Dinah and Roger Goodsell as our go-to boat brokers. We have bought and sold three boats relying on their expertise. Two of the three boats sold within 3 weeks!! Our experience has been that they know where potential pitfalls may be and are quite able to guide a buyer or seller successfully through them. They are keenly aware of the market and have a vast mailing list of current and past clients with whom to share their offerings. We highly recommend this dynamic duo.
- Sandi Crane

Big Boat Owner

Ian Van Tuyl has excellent communication skills and his knowledge of the boat and the various options produced an outstanding yacht.
- Donald R. Macpherson

Responsive, relaxed conversation

A friend's recommendation led me to Cruising Yachts, but it was the responsive, relaxed initial conversation with Keenan that sealed the deal. Keenan, as my broker, patiently explained the boat buying process and correctly assessed the types of boats I would be interested in viewing. His responsiveness was particularly appreciated during the decision-making phase. Furthermore, his knowledge of local resources made everything from surveys to registration happen quickly and smoothly. In the end, his attention, diligence and overall ease of interaction made my purchase of an awesome Ranger Tug R-25 SC an enjoyably memorable experience. I look forward to working with Keenan again when it's time to get a bigger boat!

Jeanneau 39i Owner

Ian's creativity, attention to detail and knowledge of sailing resulted in the yacht that we've always dreamed of. We know that all of the features and customizations Ian recommended have added significant value.
- Howard & Joanne La Grange

I finally purchased my first boat

I spoke with a couple of brokers up and down the coast of Cali and after a conversation where I thought I was being heard and understood I chose Keenan! He represented me and guided me through the entire process. I felt secure with his knowledge and candor. More importantly I felt even more secure when he didn't have a “quick” answer for everything. Brokers are in it for one thing. To sell a boat. Keenan has a different approach. "If you aren't happy then let's look at something else".

We love our boat!

My Husband and I were out one day and we came across Cruising Yachts, we looked at each other and said what the heck lets go inside.

We went inside and that is where we met Keenan, he asked how he could help us and we gave him some ideas of what we wanted.

- Mark and Marci Garcia

Easy and Painless Experience

We've bought and sold several boats, and after those experiences I can tell you unequivocally that Keenan is by far the best broker. We had 2 simultaneous transactions with him (sale of a Cutwater 30 power boat and purchase of a Hunter 33 sailboat). Keenan is extremely personable, attentive and detail oriented, provided us with well thought out advice, and responds to phone calls, texts, and emails rapidly. I never had to ask him twice for anything, and always felt that he had our best interest in mind. We specifically wanted this sailboat, which was almost impossible to find in California. When this one fell out of contract Keenan immediately sent us over before it hit the market again so we didn't miss the opportunity. These were the easiest and most painless boat-related experiences we've had. We will definitely use his services in the future, and refer friends and colleagues.